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Installing Solar Control Window Film is one of the most energy efficient decisions a building owner can make. Because it rejects up to 77% of incoming heat, the film drastically reduces the air conditioning burden; your investment practically pays for itself. In fact, when installed in commercial buildings, the average payback is 3 years or less.

When you think about it, cutting your power bills and saving energy are two very compelling reasons to inquire about Solar Control Window Film for your commercial property today!

Solar Control Window Film also protects your property. By screening out up to 99% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays, the interior paint, furnishings and carpeting in your building will last longer, thus protecting your investment.

And, because Solar Control Window Films help hold shattered glass in place in the frame, the occupants of your building are protected from the danger of deadly sharp fragments of flying glass. The same feature also makes forced entry through windows much more difficult for potential vandals.

Commercial Window Tinting Project

Solar Control Window Film helps maintain a balanced temperature in buildings that have both sunny and shady areas. It can keep your building cooler during the hot summer months, rejecting up to 77% of the heat that would come through an untreated window. It lets light in but keeps harsh glare out, minimizing headaches and eyestrain so prevalent in today's computer-oriented workplace. The bottom line: a more comfortable employee is a more productive one.

One important note: Solar Control Window Film is a retrofit product that can be installed directly to the interior side of the glass. That's good news for the owners of existing and/or older buildings.


Architects love glass, and often include as much glass as possible in their building design. The image conveyed by glass is modern, trendy, filled with air and light. Solar Control Window Films improves upon standard glass by creating a uniform appearance from the outside, while providing an attractive, clear and distortion-free view from the inside.

Available in a wide variety of tints, including neutral, our flat glass tints work in conjunction with other prominent architectural features, each contributing to the overall aesthetic of the building. And, because of its scratch-resistant coating and carefree maintenance, the window film will maintain its lovely appearance many years after it's installed.

Contact Two Guys Tinting today for the best commercial window tinting Indianapolis has to offer!

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