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If you have your own window tint design, no problem - we can accommodate your individual needs. Flames can be made with a variety of colors: blue, green, red, and yellow.

We also can mix colors to make new shades. What is real popular is outlining the colored flames with chrome. This gives the design a nice pinstripe effect.

If you’ve spent the time detailing and modifying your truck, you don’t have to stick with plain windows. Window tint is exploding in a wide variety of cuts, colors, and styles of film that can be custom cut to match your wildest ideas. The right window tint designs can add a graphic element to your truck, without the expense and labor involved with paint. If your truck already has graphics, the window tint can match or accent your graphics and be another detail that will “shadow” the competition.


Our flame & tribal designs can accommodate any car or truck with custom paint schemes. We have flame packages ready to be sent to your doorstep ready for installation. Our flame designs include custom graphics that flow from front to back.


Sports Logos

Company Logos

Club & Chapter Logos

Custom Auto Tint
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