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Factors to Consider Before Choosing Window Tint Percentage for Your Car

Your car is a major investment. Like every other investment, you need to do everything possible to maintain and keep it in excellent condition. Although wear and tear is inevitable over the years, you can preserve your car interior from getting damaged easily.

Getting a tint film is the best way to keep your car interior in great shape for a very long time, especially from direct UV rays. “But how dark should my window tint be”? Before choosing a tint film for your car window, here are some things to consider:

What is the purpose of the film?

What you intend to achieve with the tint film will determine the percentage and the kind of tint you opt for. For instance, if you want to protect your car from direct UV rays while still having privacy, you can choose a darker film.

However, if you only want to protect your car and privacy is not a priority, you can go for a transparent film, which can block 99 percent of UV rays, whether clear or dark.

What is your budget?

Budget is also another important consideration. Although many car owners often tilt to the extreme ends of the price spectrum, most people tend to choose a film with middling film transparency, which is between 35% and 50%, as it provides a balance between protection and privacy without eating too deep into the pocket.

What is your climate?

In extremely hot regions, you may want a darker film to ensure your car stays cool during summer and warm in winter.

What is the legal window tint in Indiana?

There are laws you need to follow when installing a tint film for your car. For instance, if you drive any type of vehicle in Indiana, you can only install a tint that allows a minimum of 30% light through the front side windows.

If you drive an SUV or van, you have leeway for the rear side windows to go as light or dark as you want. The best way to stay in compliance with the legal window tint in Indiana is to hire a professional to do the job, as they’re familiar with local guidelines.

Consider how the tint window will change your car

Weigh your options very well, and be sure you are comfortable with whatever tint film percentage you opt for. A darker tint film will change how your exterior and interior look. Make sure these changes sit well with you before making a final decision.

Look at examples

When choosing a tint film, look at examples to know what you are working with. This is why working with a professional tint installation team, as they would show you different samples to have a good picture of what you are choosing.

Sleek look? Privacy? UV ray blocking? Whatever you want, get it by scheduling a professional appointment today.

Regardless of the kind of car you intend to tint, always consider going for the highest quality, as a low-quality film will mean changing it too many times than you usually should. The only way to be sure you’re using professional-grade films is to avoid retailers and work with window tinting experts like Two Guys Window Tinting.

Do you want the sleek look window tint gives or want more privacy? Whatever your needs are, we will help you achieve it. Schedule an appointment today.



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