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Full vs. Partial Wrap: Which Is Best for My Vehicle?

Should I choose a full or partial wrap for my vehicle?” 

Vehicle wraps of any sort are great, whether you’re using them for purely aesthetic reasons or as a means of advertising. Without a doubt, they catch the eye and are a perfect way to make a statement on the road. However, for various reasons, you may opt for one of a full or partial wrap over the other. 

When should I use a full vehicle wrap?

Here are the instances where a full wrap is apt:

For large vehicles 

If you have a large van, big box truck, trailer, or other large vehicle, only a full wrap will suffice. As there’s so much space available, you want to ensure that every inch of the bodywork is taken up by the wrap for a more impactful and stronger message.

For mobile advertising

If you’re getting car wrapping solely for the purpose of mobile advertising, you want a wrap that covers the entire car so that everywhere you go, the message is passed across from every possible angle.

For preserving the vehicle’s bodywork

If you’re installing vehicle wraps exclusively as a means of protecting your car, it’s best to go for a full wrapping. This provides extra protection against weather damage and scratches and preserves the appearance of the paint job.

When should I use a partial vehicle wrap?

A partial car wrap works when:

  • You’re on a budget

While full vehicle wraps have several advantages, they’re definitely more expensive than the partial option, making them ideal if you’re on a budget.

  • You deliberately want to leave some parts uncovered

Some partial wraps can look like decals, which appeal to some people. Also, you may decide to partially wrap the car if the design matches your car’s paint job. 

How can I make a partial wrap feel like a full wrap?

Making a partial wrap feel like a full wrap is all about design. If you have a red car, by opting for a design with the exact shade of red as your vehicle, your car’s paint job becomes an extension of the wrap.

Also, ensure that the wrap installation company you work with installs the wrap such that the design and color flow are seamless, making it difficult to tell where the car wrap ends and where the original car paint begins.

Full wrap vs partial wrap: which should I opt for?

The option you choose depends on the purpose and your aesthetic preferences. For large-scale advertising, a full wrapping makes your brand message appear everywhere on the car, including the bumper, sides, rear, and hood. 

The range of customizability also means that you have more creative control. However, if you want something temporal or you’re on a budget, partial wraps work best.

Stand out on the road with full or partial vehicle wraps

Whether you need the wrappings for a big outdoor marketing project or you simply want everyone staring at your car every time you drive down the avenue, Two Guys Window Tinting can help you install quality vinyl graphics for your vehicle. Call us today!



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