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Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean in the Winter

As you make the extra effort to keep yourself protected and warm in the cold winter season, you also want to go the extra mile to keep your car clean and protected. Slush, snow, dirt, and salt can take a toll on your car, damaging the interior and exterior. These tips will help you care for your car and keep it clean all winter.

Wash your car when it snows

When you drive your car through snow, you’ll likely expose the undercarriage and metal to salt, which is very corrosive. Thus, it’s best to always pressure wash the underneath of your car with a hose to remove the salt and grit that can cause damage.

Cover your car

As much as possible, avoid parking your car in the open space. If you have to because you don’t have a garage, protect it with a car cover. This will not only keep it clean and dry, but it will also prevent snow and other debris from accumulating and causing damage to your car.

Use rubber mats

Use rubber mats instead of carpet ones, as this will shield your car’s interior from snow, dirt, and salt that can ruin it. You’ll also be protecting your carpet from stains and damage due to salt.

Drive safely and carefully

Braking distances increase in winter due to slippery roads. So it makes sense to keep a safe distance behind other vehicles. This will help prevent your car from getting sprayed with grit, salt, dirt, and greases kicked by vehicles ahead of you.

Wax your car

One part of your car that takes a lot of beating from the weather is the paintwork. A good quality wax prevents rust and protects your car’s paint from harsh wintry conditions. In addition, your car will look new and shiny.

Regularly check the undercarriage

The car’s undercarriage is constantly exposed to water, grit, dirt, and salt, making it the most susceptible to rust. To reduce the chances of damage, make sure to carry out regular inspections and hose down if you find any contaminant. Another way to protect your car’s underside is to coat it with oil or wax.

Park beside a wall

If you can’t park in a garage, you can limit the amount of ice that forms on your car by parking beside the wall of a building or thick foliage. This will shield it, even partially, from the harsh wintry elements. Winter is here, and there’s no hiding from it. Keep your car in top condition and protect it from snow, road salts, grime, and dirt using the tips above.



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