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Tips for Maintaining Your Car Paint Protection Film

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Getting a car paint protection film installed is easily the best way to protect your vehicle’s exterior. With proper care it can last five to seven years.

Although the paint protection film does not necessarily enhance the appearance of your car, it does a lot to help you maintain a clean and flawless paint finish.

Here are some tips to care for your car paint protection film:

Clean stains immediately

One of the easiest ways to make your car paint protection film last longer is to handle stains and dirt immediately. Substances like tree sap and bird droppings are acidic and could damage paint protection film.

The paint protection film is made with urethane, which is a type of plastic. These acidic substances could easily damage the film with help from the heat produced by the car. This is not only a waste of money but exposes your paint finish to damage.

Use mild cleaning products

You should not use highly acidic products or products with harsh chemicals to clean your car. Such products can reduce the integrity of the paint protection film which in turn reduces its ability to function properly.

Using such products would wear out the film layer over time and expose your vehicle to damage. Also, avoid using powder detergents or buffers to clean your protection film as they are abrasive and could cause damage to the film.

Avoid the Edges with Pressure Washers

Washing your vehicle with high-pressure water can damage your protection film. This is because high-pressure water can cause the edge of the protection film to lift off from its attachment and once this starts to happen, the film will become loosely attached and offer less protection to your vehicle.

If you must use pressure washes, don’t take the spray too close to the vehicle and avoid the edges to keep the film intact. You should also avoid picking the edges of the film or you will end up lifting the edges off and damaging the film.

Some other care tips that can be useful include:

  • Wipe the surface down with a clean microfiber

  • Don’t wash your car immediately after the paint protection film is installed. Wait at least 48 hours to do so.

  • Don’t worry about water bubbles or light scratches as they will heal automatically within 30 minutes at room temperature. You can speed up this process in cold weather by pouring warm water (up to 1200 F) onto the affected area.

You’ve not installed paint protection film? See the benefits you’re missing and call us fast to protect your car today!



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