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Top Tips for Caring for Newly Tinted Car Windows

If you've invested in car window tinting or are about to, you want to protect your investment and ensure your car has that sleek look for as long as possible.

As the window tinting experts in Indianapolis, we've compiled these tips to enable you to care for your newly tinted car windows the right way.

Do not roll down the windows

Window films take several days to cure. The curing process, during which the adhesive that sticks the film to the surface of the window dries up, can take between 2 days to one month to cure, depending on several conditions, including the time of the year.

Many car owners don't know this, rolling down their car windows hours after installation. To prevent your car windows from looking unappealing, it's best to leave them rolled up for a few days.

Be patient with the haziness and water pockets

Do your newly-tinted windows look hazy or have little bubbles? Don't panic or try to make it go away. It's perfectly normal. Moisture between the window film and glass will cause your windows to have a hazy or cloudy appearance for a few days after installation. The moisture can also form in little water pockets. After a few days or some weeks, depending on the weather, the moisture will evaporate along with the haziness and pockets of water.

Hold off cleaning your windows

When should you wash your car after tinting the windows? We recommend waiting until the tint has completely cured before washing your car. The great thing is that the films are installed on the inside of the car, so they won't be affected by mud, bird dropping, and other stains.

Don't use products that can harm the film

Once the tinted film has cured, you can go ahead with cleaning. However, you need to avoid certain products that can damage the film. Ammonia and other harsh chemicals are a no-no as they can cause the film to fade, crack, or tear.

Also, avoid using brushes or scrubbers to prevent scratches and swirls. A soft microfiber cloth or soft paper towel with soap and water will work just fine and ensure a clean, streak-free finish.

Keep away sharp objects

Sharp objects can also leave unwanted scratches and marks on your window film. So you want to keep them away from your car windows. Also, be careful not to fling off your seat belt as the metal buckle can cause chips or damages.

Yet to tint your car windows? You're missing out on several benefits! Call us for a free quote today and get expert auto tinting in Indianapolis.



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