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What Science Is Behind Window Tinting?

Today, it’s common to see cars sporting various shades of tint on their windshields and windows.

Some cars are deeply tinted on all sides, so you can barely see anything inside. On the other hand, other vehicles are more lightly tinted all around. Still, some car owners choose to go for a mix of the two, with heavy shades for the rear and front windshields and lighter tones for the windows.

Whatever your preference is, it’s essential to understand the science behind window tinting and how the design works to protect you and give your automobile that signature look.

UV Protection

UV light and heat can penetrate your vehicle and become trapped within, raising your car temperature to dangerous levels. This process of penetration and trapping happens because of the solar radiation that occurs via sun-generated photons.

Each photon has a fixed amount of energy and wavelength, with most photons having dangerously short wavelengths that allow more UV light absorption. Window tinting typically blocks out 99% of UV light. Rather than allow the rays to permeate the glass, it reflects it away onto external surroundings.

Privacy and security

One of the main reasons car owners tint their windows is the increased security and privacy it brings.

With its dark, reflective shades, enhanced adhesive, and fibrous connective properties, people outside our vehicle cannot see your interior, granting you privacy and security when needed. If you have screen gadgets installed in the dashboard displaying sensitive information, window tinting protects passersby from stealing a look inside.

Also, potential thieves will be deterred from approaching your vehicle, seeing that they’re on the blind side, unaware of who or what could be inside the car behind the glass.

Energy savings

The film installed in window tinting has properties that block off 99% of UV radiation from the sun.

This equals reduced energy costs, and your car will consume less energy for air conditioning. This is in line with global efforts to reduce carbon footprints and a great way to save costs too. You should ensure your window tint installation doesn’t violate your car manufacturer’s warranty. This is why you should only have the installation done by experts like Two Guys Window Tinting.

Reduced glare

Window tinting is great for car owners with light sensitivity, as the materials in the tinting layer absorb only a tiny portion of visible light, which helps to reduce glare. This will significantly benefit car owners, as they can focus more on driving without the risk of hard sunny glares that could cause distracting migraines after lengthy spells on the road.

Have your car window tinting done by the professionals

Their great looks aside, window tinting is, first and foremost, a functional car installation, as it can help to protect against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiations.

Constant exposure to these solar radiation puts you at risk of skin cancer and other ailments, while the effects of heat take a toll on energy consumption. Why not take advantage of all the benefits of car window tinting? Reach out to us today!

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