All prices are subject to change*.

These prices are for our Classic film. We also have Pinnacle Ceramic and Stratos IR Ceramic films available.

Window Tinting Prices:


  • Standard Truck $200.00

  • Extended cab Truck $230.00

  • Four door Truck $250.00

  • Small SUV $250.00

  • Medium SUV $290.00

  • Large SUV $330.00

  • Air 80  blue: windshield $180.00 

  • Sunstrip or brow $50.00 

  • Front Doors Only $110.00

  • Four Door Car $250.00

  • Two Door Car $210.00

Note: These prices are general guidelines. Please call for your specific vehicle.

Llumar's Formula One film is our best selling film because it is guaranteed against peeling, cracking,  color change, delamination, and any other manufacture defect for as long as you own your vehicle. It has a Nationwide Warranty, and transfers to the next owner.

When comparing films please be aware that all film isn't created equal. If you want the best film and a high quality install, look no further.

**Warranty does not cover scratches, chips, or misuse of wrong cleaners.**